Departmental Bulletin Paper 我が国の野生きのこ中の放射性セシウムの起源に関する考察
ワガクニ ノ ヤセイ キノコチュウ ノ ホウシャセイ セシウム ノ キゲン ニ カンスル コウサツ
Study About Origin of Radioactive Cesium in Wild Mushroom in Japan

鎌田, 素之  ,  角田, 光淳

44pp.21 - 26 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学総合研究所
Radioactive cesium, released from the Fukushima I nuclear power plant that destroyed by Great East Japan Earthquake, has been detected from various agricultural products. Especially, wild mushrooms are known to assimilate radioactive cesium and other heavy metals. In this study, we focused on the concentration of radioactive cesium in wild mushrooms in Japan, calculated the ratio of 134Cs/137Cs and discussed on their origin whether they were released from the Fukushima I nuclear power plant or from other nuclear incidents.

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