Departmental Bulletin Paper 連続繊維ロープの柱への巻き付け施工に関する検討
レンゾク センイ ロープ ノ ハシラ エノ マキツケ セコウ ニ カンスル ケントウ
Experimental Winding of Continuous Fiber Rope around Column

関島, 謙蔵  ,  出雲, 淳一

44pp.11 - 19 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学総合研究所
The authors have been investigating the shear-reinforcing effect of Continuous Fiber Rope on reinforced concrete beams that were wound with Continuous Fiber Rope. Concerning the application of Continuous Fiber Rope, some public institution wound Continuous Fiber Rope around the highway bridge piers, and investigated the method of quality control and construction management to put Continuous Fiber Rope to practical use. However, there is no application case of Continuous Fiber Rope for building columns.The cross section of a building column is relatively smaller than that of a highway bridge pier, moreover, it may be difficult to secure the space for scaffold around the column. Therefore, the authors executed the experimental winding of Vinylon fiber rope around a building column of this university. The purpose of this study is to investigate the number of workers, the working time, the tools, and so on for winding Continuous Fiber Rope, moreover, to investigate other matters that require attention and to obtain the fundamental data for drawing up the construction manual.

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