Departmental Bulletin Paper A Note on the Japanese ECM Construction

小林, 桂一郎||コバヤシ, ケイイチロウ

45pp.1 - 22 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学部教養科教室
A-movement analyses to the Japanese ECM-construction has been faced with the problem of improper movement since Tanaka's (2002) proposal that the complement subject DP moves to the matrix position via intermediate Spec-CP. This problem does not occur if the complement clause of the Japanese ECM-construction headed by COMP to is what Gallego (2011) regards as default (weak) CP: A-movement can skip the Edge of a default CP, reaching directly the matrix `object' position. By regarding the Japanese CP headed by to as weak CP, the question no more has to be asked why the raising of the complement subject DP to the matrix `object' position is possible in Japanese in spite of the fact that the complement clause is finite: the movement is possible as the raisings to subject and object are possible in English across weak CPs because both the infinitival complements of raising-predicates in English and finite CP headed by COMP to in Japanese are default (weak) CPs.

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