Departmental Bulletin Paper プレート型再生器を用いた吸収冷凍サイクル装置の起動特性の改善
プレートガタ サイセイキ オ モチイタ キュウシュウ レイトウ サイクル ソウチ ノ キドウ トクセイ ノ カイゼン
Improvement on the start-up characteristics of the absorption refrigeration cycle device using a plate type generator

辻森, 淳||ツジモリ, アツシ||Atsushi, TSUJIMORI  ,  白戸, 遼介  ,  松岡, 大樹

44pp.3 - 10 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学総合研究所
This paper proposes an absorption refrigeration cycle device using a plate type generator in order to improve the start-up process to reduce the time to reach the steady state condition. A conventional absorption refrigeration cycle device using a shell&tube generator places a rectifier above the generator to remove absorbent from generated refrigerant vapor and to raise concentration of refrigerant vapor. However the replacement of a shell&tube type generator by a plate type generator makes it difficult to include the rectifier within an absorption refrigeration system. Therefore, the cycle proposed in the present study introduced a partial condenser instead of a rectifier. Refrigerant vapor in the partial condenser is cooled by coolant so that only absorbent within the generated vapor condenses by utilizing the difference of boiling temperature. Then, the analytical model was formulated in order to investigate the effectiveness of the plate type generator. The analytical results show that the start-up time is reduced with the plate type generator.

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