Departmental Bulletin Paper Inter-indexical Construction of Gendered Identities

中村, 桃子

61pp.1 - 25 , 2016-07 , 関東学院大学経済学部教養学会
This paper aims to identify widely exercised ways of inter-relating source and target indexical systems by focusing on the construction of gendered identities in Japanese translations of non-Japanese speech. The first section shows that, by translating the speech of non-Japanese women into “Japanese women's language,<Japanese translation has affiliated the indexical distinctions in gender, ethnicity, age and class of the source language with a Japanese femininity. The second section demonstrates that some Japanese translations have created a specific speech style related to the identity of casual non-Japanese men, distinguishing non-Japanese masculinity from the Japanese counterpart. The analyses demonstrate that whether and how much a translator uses speech styles ideologically linked to culturally recognized subject positions in the target language constitutes a major factor affecting the production of the relations of similarity and distinction between source and target indexical systems.

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