Departmental Bulletin Paper 学校教育におけるユニバーサルデザインの一研究 : 特別支援教育の視点から
ガッコウ キョウイク ニ オケル ユニバーサル デザイン ノ イチケンキュウ : トクベツ シエン キョウイク ノ シテン カラ
A Study of Universal Design for Learning in School Education in Terms of Special Needs Education

青戸, 泰子  ,  田邊, 資章  ,  野田, 篤秀  ,  小原, 豊||オハラ, ユタカ||Yutaka, Ohara

24pp.1 - 11 , 2015-09 , 関東学院大学人間環境学部人間環境学会
The purpose of the present study was to examine the application of the provisional Universal Design Scale on classes involved in Special Needs Education.The results of this application revealed six−factor structure.These factors are as follows: a) students'sense of reassurance, b) arrangement of classroom environments, c) consideration of inattentive students, d) teachers'readiness to teach, e) approach to the students'physical Senses, f)use of various teaching methods.

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