Departmental Bulletin Paper 肢体不自由特別支援学校における教育課程と指導法に関する考察 : ある養護学校の学校要覧を中心に
シタイ フジユウ トクベツ シエン ガッコウ ニオケル キョウイク カテイ ト シドウホウ ニ カンスル コウサツ : アル ヨウゴ ガッコウ ノ ガッコウ ヨウラン オ チュウシン ニ
A Discussion of the Curriculum and Instruction for a Special Needs School for Children with Physical Disabilities through an Analysis of its Annual School Guides

太田, 俊己  ,  山下, 俊幸

24pp.13 - 28 , 2015-09 , 関東学院大学人間環境学部人間環境学会
The purpose of this study was to analyze and discuss curriculum and instruction of a special needs school for children with disabilities under the inclusive educational system in Japan. One special needs school for children with physical disabilities was selected as the subject of the study because of its relatively long history in the prefecture. For this study annual school guides for the past fifteen years, since the beginning of the school, were analyzed in terms of curriculum including classes, school hours, number of students, and the disabilities of these students. It was found that the classes and school hours were organized around the degree of the children's disabilities. This paper concludes by discussing a number of other topics related to special needs schools in Japan for children with disabilities.

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