Departmental Bulletin Paper 無線LAN を用いた模型車両遠隔制御システムの構築
ムセン LAN オ モチイタ モケイ シャリョウ エンカク セイギョ システム ノ コウチク
Construction of the Model Car Remote Control System Using Wireless LAN

藤田, 洸史||フジタ, ヒロシ||Hiroshi, FUJITA  ,  山本, 政宏

59pp.109 - 113 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学会
In this paper, a construction of the model car remote-control system using wireless LAN is described. On the model car, a camera is at-tached and its pictures are sent to an operator. The operator watches pictures and controls the model car from remote location.A delay time arises when pictures are sent using the wireless LAN. For reducing the delay time, small data size format conversion process and transmission process are discussed.A control unit of the model car is composed of a notebook PC and 3 PICs. PICs control two motors and communicate to the notebook PC. New communication method from PIC to PIC is proposed.This system is tested at indoor and outdoor, and it is confirmed that works normally.

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