Departmental Bulletin Paper アルカリ二次電池正極のメモリー効果に及ぼす電解質カチオンの影響
アルカリ ニジ デンチ セイキョク ノ メモリー コウカ ニ オヨボス デンカイシツ カチオン ノ エイキョウ
Effect of Electrolyte Cation for Memory Characteristics of Positive Electrode for Alkaline Storage Battery

佐々木, 康||ササキ, ヤスシ||Yasushi, SASAKI  ,  山下, 嗣人

59pp.105 - 108 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学会
The characteristics of “Memory effect<, also called stepped discharge curve, in the alkaline storage battery was studied. From the change of positive electrode potential of shallow charge-discharge cycles, it was found that KOH and NaOH electrolytes were raised memory effect within 200 cycles, however, LiOH electrolyte was not recognized it 300 cycles and over. Results from X-ray diffraction and Scanning electron microscope image suggest that this difference was attributed to the surface morphology of the nickel active material under the different alkaline cation electrolyte conditions.

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