Departmental Bulletin Paper 水平流中における気泡噴流
スイヘイ リュウチュウ ニ オケル キホウ フンリュウ
Bubble Plume in Horizontal Current

北野, 義則

59pp.85 - 91 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学会
This paper presentes the results of experimental and theoretical investigations on the chracteristics of two-dimensional oblique bubble plume. The oblique bubble plume forms when bubbles are released from air line source oriented perpendicular to a horizontal current. From the result of measurements, It is founded that the oblique bubble plumes are divided into two types. Applying Schmidt method to the bubble plume in horizontal current, the theoretical result is compared with our experimental data. The inclination angle and the type of bubble plume are predicted, using the ratio c of mixing length to the distance from air line source.

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