Departmental Bulletin Paper ナノ粒子合成用マイクロ流体デバイスの創造技術
ナノリュウシ ゴウセイヨウ マイクロ リュウタイ デバイス ノ ソウゾウ ギジュツ
Fabrication technology of microfluidic device for preparation of nanoparticles

柳生, 裕聖  ,  濱村, 心||ハマムラ, ココロ||Kokoro, HAMAMURA  ,  森塚, 大樹  ,  鈴木, 晶平

59pp.33 - 38 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学会
Glass microfabrication process was studied for realizing microfluidic device for a preparation of nanoparticles using chemical reduction method in the liquid-phase. The proposed method is a combination process of micropowder blasting and glass fusion bonding. In this study, the processing condition such as patterning of the resist and number of scans of micropowder blasting were studied for processing the microchannel in glass substrate. Moreover, a thermal compression bonding method was carried out for bonding the channel and hole processed glass. The effects of bonding conditions such as a surface cleaning method, a heating temperature and a pressure on bonding state were investigated using the glass without channels. Based on the experimental results, the glass microfluidic device was fabricated using micropowder blasting technique and optimal bonding condition, and the results of fluidic test using the fabricated device was reported in this paper.

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