Departmental Bulletin Paper 粒子径の異なる金ナノ粒子分散高分子膜のレーザ微細加工
リュウシケイ ノ コトナル キン ナノリュウシ ブンサン コウブンシマク ノ レーザ ビサイ カコウ
Laser microfabrication of gold nanoparticles dispersed polymer films with different nanoparticle size

喜々津, 岳史||キキツ, タケシ||Takeshi, KIKITSU  ,  柳生, 裕聖

59pp.27 - 32 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学会
Laser microfabrication technique of a polymer film using absorbance of Au nanoparticles for realizing nano-microstructure was proposed. The polymer films are made of ethylcellulose in which Au nanoparticles was dispersed. Since the absorption spectrum which influences laser processing ability depends on size of Au nanoparticle in polymer, four size of Au nanoparticles were prepared using liquid-phase reduction method and newly developed size control technique. The polymer films with Au nanoparticles of different size were processed by Nd: YVO4-SHG laser. In this paper, optimal nanoparticle size and laser processing condition were demonstrated for realizing fine micropattern on the polymer film.

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