Departmental Bulletin Paper 病弱者の生と死に対する共感と理解
ビョウジャクシャ ノ セイ ト シ ニ タイスル キョウカン ト リカイ
Fostering in Future Teachers the Ability to Comprehend the Life and Death of Critically Ill Children

太田, 俊己  ,  城倉, 登代子||ジョウクラ, トヨコ||Toyoko, Joukura

25pp.19 - 32 , 2016-02 , 関東学院大学人間環境学部人間環境学会
The purpose of this study was to investigate second year university students' ability to sympathize and comprehend the life and potential death of critically ill children. A questionnaire relating to critically ill children was administered to a 109 second year university students who were studying in an elementary school and kindergarten teacher's course. Prior to the questionnaire, students were shown a DVD chronicling the life and death of a young girl with a serious heart ailment. The results of the questionnaire indicated that the students were deeply impacted by girl's life story, and could partially imagine the mental state and inner world of the young girl. The paper will consider the need for this type of education for teacher education programs.

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