Departmental Bulletin Paper 価値観の更改としての教授学的変換 : 数学的価値と数学教育的価値
カチカン ノ コウカイ ト シテ ノ キョウジュガク テキ ヘンカン : スウガクテキ カチ ト スウガク キョウイクテキ カチ
Didactic Transposition as Alteration in Value : Examining the Difference between Mathematics and Mathematics Education

小原, 豊||オハラ, ユタカ||Yutaka, OHARA

25pp.33 - 42 , 2016-02 , 関東学院大学人間環境学部人間環境学会
In this paper I discuss the key differences between pure mathematics and mathematics education. First, I outline the essential distinction between the two fields, and highlight mathematic education's prioritization of process learning and training. Second, I introduce the double-track model of didactic transposition to divide mathematics into <Math for All< and <Math for Specialists.< Third, to demonstrate this difference I use the concept of “order relation of complex numbers.< While this is used in math education to teach the process of mathematics, in the pure mathematics it is a repudiated and unused concept.

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