Departmental Bulletin Paper オーストラリアにおける韓国人移民の言語レパートリーと言語管理
Linguistic Repertoire and Language Management of Korean Immigrants living in Australia

高, 民定

[Abstract] This report attempts to find out how the linguistic repertoire of people in the move usually regarded to as migrant is formed. On the basis of an interview survey with migrants of Korean in Australia, this study focuses on the narratives related to one’s self- evaluation towards his/her ability in English as the host language of the society. The data was collected through a language biography interview, from which synchronic and diachronic narratives in the immigrants’ reports were abstracted for analysis. The findings suggest that as a clue for the understanding of immigrants’ language acquisition problem, migrants’ evaluation and the diachronic perspective of their language biography should be taken into consideration. And also my study showed similar results to Muraoka(2017) of finding, for example, one’s overall positive evaluation and negative evaluation is encompassed with the trajectory of diachronic language management upon his/her arrival in Australia. The findings also indicate that other-evaluation gained through participation in social networks, particularly narratives about what kind of identity has resulted are also important components in the repertoire.

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