Journal Article 地域組織活動の継続要因に関する文献レビュー : 看護学等,多領域にわたるscoping review
A Multidisciplinary scoping review of studies on the factor of sustainability of communitybased organizations’activities

霜越, 多麻美  ,  宮﨑, 美砂子

[抄録] 目的:本研究は日本における地域組織活動の継続に関する要因についてscoping reviewを行い,継続要因の概観を示すことを目的とした。研究デザイン:Scoping review 方法:データベースに医学中央雑誌Web,CiNii Articles,CINAHL,Cochran Systematic Review,MEDLINEを用い,キーワード検索を行った。日本語と英語の論文に限定し,選定基準は日本の地域組織活動の継続に影響を与えた事象を含む論文とした。結果:検索文献789,引用文献336,について選定基準に従い文献を選定し最終的に34文献がレビュー対象となった。研究領域は看護学が最も多く,社会福祉学など多様な研究領域が含まれた。研究デザインは事例研究が大半であった。出版年は1997~2015年であり,2006年以降に増加傾向がみられた。地域組織活動の継続について152事象が抽出され,13継続要因,5カテゴリに集約された。5カテゴリは参加者や関係者間の情報共有,参加者の活動状況と心情,保健師を中心とした行政などとの協働,地域の住民や他組織との関係,組織の成長による活動の拡大と創出であった。考察:地域組織活動の継続要因間には有機的な関連性が示唆された。示されたカテゴリは複数の理論や概念による説明の可能性が示唆された。以上より地域組織活動の継続を検討する際には多角的な視点が必要であると示唆された。本研究は地域組織活動の継続要因の概観を示したことにより,より詳細な研究の方向性が示唆された。
[ABSTRACT] Purpose: This scoping review was performed to disclose an overview of the related factors on the sustainability of community-based organizations’ activities specific to Japan. Design: A scoping review Methods: The documents were searched in Japan Medical Abstract Society and Citation Information by National Institute of Information Japanese databases, and the CINAHL, Cochran Systematic Review, and MEDLINE English databases. The searches were limited to articles written in Japanese and English. Documents that were concerned with the sustainability of community-based activities were included. Results: The 1,125 identified documents were referenced, and 34 documents were finally reviewed. Nursing science studies were the most common, and other areas like Social welfare were also included. Case-studies were the most common study design. All documents were published between 1997 and 2015, and it should be noted that the number of studies increased after 2006. A total of 152 matters concerning with sustainability were extracted, which were integrated into 13 factors of sustainable activities, and summarized in five categories. Conclusion: Organic linkage has been observed among 13 factors, although not independently. The possibility of explanation with multiple theories and concepts is also included; moreover, various perspectives are necessary for a comprehensive understanding of community-based organizations’ activities. This review has shown an overview about the factors on the sustainability of community-based organizations’ activities, and been the possibility to be the point of view toward highly-detail and advanced research in this field.

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