Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国延辺地区の留守家族が子どもの学校適応に及ぼす影響について : 児童期・思春期の愛着(安心感・親密性)に着目して
The effect of China Yanbian district of absence family on the children of school adaptation : Focusing on childhood-adolescent attachment(sense of security, intimacy)

冨田, 久枝  ,  睦, 蓮淑

[要約] 本研究では,中国延辺地区留守家族児童の学校適応と親への愛着について焦点を当てて検討した。その結果,留守家族児童は学校に適応しにくい傾向を示していた。具体的には学習適応尺度(3因子)と母親への愛着との関連が見出された。また,学校適応に問題を抱えている児童には,親への安心感や親密性が持てるような支援の必要性が示唆された。さらに,今回の対象児の中で,特に親と離れている留守家族の男児は女児より,教師と良い関係を維持しにくい傾向から,彼らが教師に信頼感を持つための支援も必要であろう。
[SUMMARY] In this study, we focused on the children’s school adaptation and attachment to their parents who are from parental absence family in the Yanbian district, China. As a result, the children from parental absence family have shown tendency to have difficulties on adaptation of school life. More specifically, it has been found to to be associated with attachment to the scale of school adaptation and mothers. In addition, the children who have problems on school adaptation need support, such as a sense of security and intimacy with their parents has been suggested. In addition, according to the behavior of the targeted children, the result showed, the boys from parental absence family have more difficulties to maintain good relationship with teachers than girls. Therefore, the support is necessary for them to trust their teachers.

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