Departmental Bulletin Paper 高校家庭科における家庭看護の指導に関する研究
Research on‘Home Nursing’ in Home Economics of Senior High School

伊藤, 葉子  ,  倉持, 清美  ,  吉川, はる奈  ,  鎌野, 育代

[要約] 中・高校の家庭科保育学習において,家庭看護がどのように取り組まれてきたのかを調べた。教育職員免許法の変遷を調べた結果,1998年以降,高校のみで扱われていることがわかった。そこで,高校の家庭基礎6冊・家庭総合10冊の記述について調べた。内容は,健康管理は,予防対策,事故防止,母子保健に集約された。健康管理は,「健康維持対策(健診含む)」と「体調の変化」で構成されていた。予防対策は,「予防接種」と「感染症」を含んでおり,事故防止は,「事故の種類」「事故の防止策」にわけられた。母子保健に関しては,「母子保健法」「母子健康手帳」の記述について明らかにした。
[SUMMARY] The aim of this research is to examine how the curriculum of ‘Home Nursing’ has been developed within the science of child development in the subject of Home Economics in junior and senior high school. As a result of changes in the teacher’s license law, this subject has been included in senior high school Home Economics since 1989. We investigated six text-books for Fundamentals of Home Economics and ten text-books for Comprehensive Home Economics. The contents of these books covered health care, precautions, accident prevention, and mother and child health. Health care concentrated on health maintenance, including medical checkups and changes in the human body’s physical condition. Precautions included vaccinations and infectious diseases, and accident prevention was divided into types of accidents and measures to prevent accidents. This research clarified that the law regarding mother and child health and the mother and child health record book have been dealt with in the field of mother and child health.

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