Departmental Bulletin Paper 「私的言語論」の再解釈に向けて : 数学の哲学の「最終草稿」における「規則遵守論」との関連を中心に
Toward A Reinterpretation of “the Private Language Argument” : A Connection with “the Rule-following Considerations” in “Last Writings” on the Philosophy of Mathematics

入江, 俊夫

[ABSTRACT] This paper concerns so called “the Private Language Argument” in Philosophical Investigations . Many interpreters have treated this argument as a kind of reductio ad absurdum . In my opinion, however, this interpretation is extremely wrong. Wittgenstein doesn’t intend to give any kind of demonstration but makes all his possible efforts to free us from illusions of language which imprison our way of seeing things. I will reveal this point by focusing on his transition from philosophy of mathematics to philosophy of mind, especially on “the Rule-following Considerations” in the manuscript written in March 18, 1944.

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