Departmental Bulletin Paper 北東イングランド農村地域における中間支援組織の活動に関する報告
Report of Intermediate Group Activities at Rural Areas in North England

齋藤, 雪彦  ,  中塚, 雅也

71pp.43 - 50 , 2017-03-31 , 千葉大学大学院園芸学研究科
[Summary] This report clarifies situations of intermediate group activities at rural area in North East of England comparing to those in Japan. Results are as following, 1) Some of organizations for nature conservation such as a National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership work for rural revitalization for rural society sustainability which is connected to nature conservation in rural areas. 2) Various kind of funds, especially lottery fund and donation by upper class people living in rural area help intermediate group in financial aspect. 3) Intermediate groups play an important role as a small kind of autonomies from municipal merger. 4) Among aims of rural revitalizations, they tend to focus on regional management, raising local industry, making employment.

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