Departmental Bulletin Paper 児童の平日と休日の昼食摂取状況に関する比較分析 : 児童の食生活における学校給食の影響評価
Comparative Analysis of Children's Diet Intake at Lunch on Weekday and Weekend : Evaluating Impact of School Lunch on Children's Dietary Behavior

坂井, 美咲  ,  大江, 靖雄  ,  石田, 貴士  ,  櫻井, 清一

71pp.17 - 27 , 2017-03-31 , 千葉大学大学院園芸学研究科
[抄録] 本論では児童の平日と休日の昼食摂取状況を比較し,児童の食生活における学校給食の役割を解明した.データは松戸市内の小学校で実施した児童146名への質問紙調査と給食運営に関する資料より収集した.栄養素の視点からみると,休日は食塩が過剰である一方,カルシウム,ビタミンB1,食物繊維が不足していた.食品群の視点からみると,休日はパン,麺類,肉類が過剰である一方,牛乳,いも類,豆製品,種実類が著しく不足していた.また料理の皿数が多く,夕食を両親とそろって食べている児童は休日の昼食でより多く野菜を摂取していた.分析結果から,児童は平日には学校給食でバランスの良い昼食をとっているが,休日の食事バランスは相対的に良くないことが明らかになった
[Abstract] This paper investigates the characteristics of children?s dietary intake by comparing the diet at lunch on weekdays and weekends at home and clarifies the role of school lunch in children?s dietary behavior. Data were collected by a questionnaire survey administered to 146 children in an elementary school and from documents on school lunch management in Matsudo city. The following results were obtained. On the nutritional level, on weekends children overconsumed salt while insufficient amounts of calcium, vitamin B1 and dietary fiber were consumed. Concerning the variety of food groups, children overconsumed bread, noodles and meat on weekends, but adequate consumption of milk, potatoes, bean products and seeds was lacking. Children who ate various types of dishes and ate dinner with parents consumed more vegetables at lunch on weekends. Those results imply that children are eating a well-balanced school lunch but an unbalanced lunch on weekends from the viewpoint of nutrition and food group variety.

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