Journal Article Differences in Ratings of Impressions between Japanese Calligraphic Styles and a Japanese Font

MUKAI, Shioko  ,  HIBINO, Haruo  ,  KOYAMA, Shinichi

16 ( 2 )  , pp.53 - 56 , 2017-01-18 , International Society of Affective Science and Engineering
[ABSTRACT] This study aims to investigate the differences in ratings of characters' forms or shapes between various Japanese calligraphic styles and a Japanese font. We used 11 pictures consisting of 10 calligraphic styles by a master of calligraphy and one Japanese font. Participants (N = 316) were asked to provide their impressions of each picture on a 20-point Likert scale, which was based on the semantic differential method. Exploratory factor analysis showed two common factors in the ratings of the different Japanese calligraphic styles and the font, namely, Comfort and Creativity. The results indicated that the font was rated highest on Comfort and Rounded calligraphic style was rated highest on Creativity. A detailed exploration of the differences in ratings between each style should be investigated in the near future.
[要旨] 本研究では,筆文字書体と和文書体フォントにおける印象評価の違いを調べた。書道家による筆文字11書体と手書き風筆文字フォント1書体を用いて,316名の日本人男女へそれぞれの書体に対し,20段階評価を求めた。探索的因子分析の結果,筆文字書体の印象は「快適さ因子」および「創造性因子」の2つで説明できる可能性を示唆した。「快適さ」では手書き風筆文字フォントが,「創造性」では草書体が,最も高く評価される傾向が見られた。今後は,より多様な書体を用いた調査実験が必要である。

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