Journal Article 教養科目としての国際協力とその教授法

大西, 好宣

[ABSTRACT] Since the 1990s, many Japanese universities have newly introduced international cooperation and the related subjects into the curriculum. This involves proactive values and a variety of possibilities for studying international cooperation at university, allowing students to acquire modern wisdom in the age of globalism. By studying international cooperation, students can also acquire contemporary skills that will be useful in the globalized world. On the other hand, teaching international cooperation is another issue. We still lack a stable and common methodology for teaching the subject at university. We also lack valuable information on the best practices. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to change such a chaotic situation by showing three things. First, the study clarifies how international cooperation is taught in high schools in Japan. Second, the study shows how the subject is taught at universities in Japan. It then categorizes the actual practices into three different approaches. Finally, the study gives an example of one of the three approaches, and reports how the author himself taught international cooperation for several years in Japan.

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