Departmental Bulletin Paper New Paradigm: Business Anthropology and Glo-cal Management

Motofusa, MURAYAMA

30 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 29 , 2015-06-24 , 千葉大学経済学会
Business and management are not separable as we try to integratepractices with theories. The doctrine of polarity is an essence of businessanthropology and management. Anthropological research consistsof two approaches: phenomenological observation and participationat a specific or realistic ba(on-site or 場). Business anthropologistsconduct on-site research work and observe phenomena of both the individualand organizational behaviors to perceive the core values orphilosophies of corporate culture at the ba, or on-site.The four definitions of“glo-cal ba management"can be summarizedin the following: conflict but balance theory, ecological evolution theory,creative theory out of chaos, integrating different others in oneself theory.They reflect those differences in the research sources uncovered atthe sites, which relate to the different periods and sites of the fieldworkand the subjects and research environments.

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