Journal Article What factors do people with mental health problems consider important for return to work?: A pilot study

Haraguchi, Tadashi  ,  原口, 正  ,  Yamanouchi, Naoto  ,  山内, 直人  ,  Iyo, Masaomi  ,  伊豫, 雅臣  ,  Shimizu, Eiji  ,  清水, 栄司

91epp.7 - 12 , 2015-04-01 , 千葉医学会 , チバ イガクカイ , The Chiba Medical Society
Objectives: We aimed to identify the factors that patients with major depressive disorder consider important for successful return to work (RTW) after absence due to their illness. Methods: A questionnaire was distributed to 72 patients who had returned to work after taking sick leave due to depression. Participants were asked to rate the importance of 29 statements related to RTW, indicate whether 11 factors had been implemented in their workplaces to facilitate RTW, and select the factors that they considered to be the primary causes of sickness absence. Results: Data from 40 respondents were analyzed. "Gradual increase in work hours and amount of work" was identified as the most important factor for successful RTW, whereas "significant improvement in depressive symptoms" was only the ninth most important factor. The workplace factor that was implemented most frequently was "gradual increase in work hours and amount of work." Finally, most respondents considered "weak character" to be the primary cause of sickness absence.

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