Departmental Bulletin Paper インターンシップを円滑に行うための教材開発-文部科学省キャンパスアジア拠点事業「植物環境デザイニングプログラム」での取り組み-

佐藤, 尚子  ,  サトウ, ナオコ  ,  SATO, Naoko  ,  高垣, 美智子  ,  タカガキ, ミチコ  ,  TAKAGAKI, Michiko  ,  佐々木, 仁子  ,  ササキ, ヒトコ  ,  SASAKI, Hitoko  ,  山口, 利隆  ,  ヤマグチ, トシタカ  ,  YAMAGUCHI, Toshitaka

(9)  , pp.147 - 163 , 2016-03-31 , 千葉大学国際教育センター
Three different types of teaching materials were developed in the years 2012-2014 in order to boost Japanese language proficiency of the students participating in the Plant Environment Design Program of the MEXT Campus Asia Project, letting them make the most of their internship. The Kanji and Basic Specialized Vocabulary textbooks were developed in 2012, and the textbook introducing Basic Conversational Skills for Work was developed in 2013. Textbook development was largely based on interviews with both the participating students and their internship employers, which were conducted twice during the process. Both the initial (pilot) and final versions of the textbooks were subject to evaluation by program participants, which helped us remedy their shortcomings. Subsequently, teaching materials pertaining to the inventory of fixtures and to terms used in the work process were developed in order to enable smooth factory operation. The final step which needs to be taken is to effectively implement the developed in the internship program.

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