Departmental Bulletin Paper 本邦大学における国際系事務職員の高度化に関する一考察-タイ・チェンマイ大学への短期留学プログラム等を事例として-

大西, 好宣  ,  オオニシ, ヨシノブ  ,  ONISHI, Yoshinobu  ,  織田, 雄一  ,  オダ, ユウイチ  ,  ODA, Yuichi

(9)  , pp.91 - 118 , 2016-03-31 , 千葉大学国際教育センター
People in Japan pay more attention to university administrators year by year, expecting their jobs to be more sophisticated and specialized. Specifically, with the globalization of Japanese universities, it is urgent to nurture university administrators who deal with international affairs. This paper discusses desirable scenarios for Japanese universities, referring to cases abroad and one of the best practices Kyushu University, Japan, has adopted to develop its staff in the field of institutional research(IR). In addition, the paper acknowledges the fact that, unlike any other specializations,English is a prerequisite for university administrators who deal with international affairs, and therefore, it has presented a big obstacle for many universities in non-English-speaking countries in their efforts to globalize themselves. Because neither American nor British universities have any solutions in this regard, this paper focuses on the case of Chiang Mai University in Thailand, a non-English-speaking country, and particularly on its staff development system in the field of international affairs, with the aim of extending suggestions to Japanese universities.

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