Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生の日本語力についての一考察-英語力と日本語力の相関関係を測る予備調査より-

山本, 博子  ,  ヤマモト, ヒロコ  ,  YAMAMOTO, Hiroko

(9)  , pp.75 - 90 , 2016-03-31 , 千葉大学国際教育センター
It is widely said that English language competence of university students is vital for Japan inorder to earn the status of an internationalized country. At the same time, the importance of theirnative language competence as the fundament for creative thinking is emphasized. In an attempt toaddress these issues English and Japanese language tests were given to Toyo Gakuen Universitystudents, and the correlation between their English and Japanese competence was investigated withthe purpose of finding to what degree native Japanese competence influences the progress inacquiring English as a foreign language. The scope of this research includes identifying problems inboth English and Japanese language education and developing effective teaching strategies.The findings of this research also imply that native language (L1) competence should be takeninto consideration when teaching Japanese as a second language (JSL) to non-native students.In this paper, I analyze the results of the preliminary research conducted in September, 2015, andpoint out to the problems the surveyed students encountered in the language tests.75

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