Journal Article 大学院看護学研究科博士後期課程に在籍する学生の博士論文作成過程の経験
ダイガクイン カンゴガク ケンキュウカ ハクシ コウキカテイ ニ ザイセキスル ガクセイ ノ ハクシロンブン サクセイ カテイ ノ ケイケン

中山, 登志子  ,  ナカヤマ, トシコ  ,  NAKAYAMA, Toshiko  ,  舟島, なをみ  ,  フナシマ, ナヲミ  ,  FUNASHIMA, Naomi  ,  定廣, 和香子  ,  サダヒロ, ワカコ  ,  SADAHIRO, Wakako  ,  横山, 京子  ,  ヨコヤマ, キョウコ  ,  YOKOYAMA, Kyoko  ,  松田, 安弘  ,  マツダ, ヤスヒロ  ,  MATSUDA, Yasuhiro  ,  鈴木, 美和  ,  スズキ, ミワ  ,  SUZUKI, Miwa  ,  野本, 百合子  ,  ノモト, ユリコ  ,  NOMOTO, Yuriko  ,  山下, 暢子  ,  ヤマシタ, ノブコ  ,  YAMASHITA, Nobuko  ,  山澄, 直美  ,  ヤマスミ, ナオミ  ,  YAMASUMI, Naomi  ,  亀岡, 智美  ,  カメオカ, トモミ  ,  KAMEOKA, Tomomi

21 ( 1 )  , pp.33 - 42 , 2015-09-30 , 千葉看護学会 , チバカンゴガッカイ , Chiba Academy of Nursing Science
The purpose of this study was to conceptualize doctoral students' experiences of the dissertation writing processat a graduate school of nursing. Methodology for Conceptualization of Nursing was adopted. Data were collected from12 nurses who had obtained a doctorate at the graduate school of nursing, through semi-structured interviews. Thedata were analyzed qualitatively. The trustworthiness of the data analysis was established through discussion amongthe co-researchers of this study. As a result, 23 concepts emerged, including the following: (a) carrying out researchaccording to a plan and reluctantly changing the research plan in progress, (b) becoming unable to give one's researchone's undivided attention due to various problems and giving one's research one's undivided attention by ignoring one'sproblems, (c) undertaking a role as a researcher and a member of society simultaneously and having difficulty withthis, (d) generating motivation to study and complete one's dissertation through exchanges with external and internalresearchers, (e) reluctantly accepting an examination result even though one feels it to be unreasonable, (f) carrying outresearch under supervision and carrying out research independently due to a lack of supervision. To improve the qualityof doctoral nursing education in Japan, there is an urgent need to establish an effective support system to solve theproblems of doctoral students, to provide the learning opportunities necessary for them to continue their research andto continually improve faculty mentoring skills through research activities. Faculty members responsible for doctoralstudents will be able to utilize the findings of this study to better understand doctoral students during the dissertationwriting process and support them effectively.

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