Departmental Bulletin Paper Socioeconomic Problems on Adoption of New Technologies for Production of Paddy Rice by Farmers in Upland Areas of South Sulawesi

MANGILEP Muhammad Agung Ady

(30)  , pp.150 - 157 , 2015-03-30 , 千葉大学大学院人文社会科学研究科 , チバダイガクダイガクインジンブンシャカイカガクケンキュウカ , Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
This paper is a survey of literatures to identify the socioeconomic problemson adoption of new technologies by paddy rice farmers in the upland of South Sulawesi.The socioeconomic problems are ownership of land and the type of other jobs outsideupland villages. Many paddy rice farmers there are classified as low income, andthe government conceives that, to increase their income, farmers should use new technologies.Though many new technologies can be implemented in the upland areas, literaturesidentify several obstacles to implement them, among which the unwilling dependenceon middlemen and the lack of loans and insurances by banks play a majorrole in the upland of South Sulawesi. A literature also identifies four other socioeconomicproblems as such obstacles, but those other than the ownership of land are misspecifiedfor the upland of South Sulawesi. This paper also argues that the type of otherjobs outside upland villages influences negatively on the morale for the adoption ofnew technology.

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