Departmental Bulletin Paper Integration of a Palm Oil Plantation with R&D and Manufacturing of Polyhydraxyalkanoates in South Sulawesi

DJAMAN, Fitriwati

(30)  , pp.141 - 149 , 2015-03-30 , 千葉大学大学院人文社会科学研究科 , チバダイガクダイガクインジンブンシャカイカガクケンキュウカ , Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
This paper proposes a business plan in which a palm oil plantation and anR&D and a manufacturing of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) are integrated at the samesite in South Sulawesi. First, an argument is given for a general competitiveness of aPHA production. Next, a model case in which the upstream production of refined and/or fractioned oils, the downstream production of further processed oils and PHAs andR&D activities for the production of PHAs are integrated is elaborated for 25 years ofthe business operation. In order to lower production costs and find high value added applications,the R&D for a commercial production of new varieties of PHA must be carriedout at a location where a constant supply of inexpensive fermentation subtrates isavailable and experiments on a commercial production yield quick feedbacks to the researches,namely near the plantation and manufacturing site of palm oil. Five steps arecompliled in a chronological order for a start-up and an expansion of R&D, and theR&D plan is combined with a business plan of a construction of a palm oil plantationand manufacturing facilities for PHA, and their financing.

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