Departmental Bulletin Paper 「二言語併用ゼミ」の場面における参加者の言語使用-座談の分析に関する一試論-

吉野, 文  ,  ヨシノ, アヤ  ,  YOSHINO, Aya  ,  西住, 奏子  ,  ニシズミ, カナコ  ,  NISHIZUMI, Kanako

(8)  , pp.35 - 50 , 2015-03-31 , 千葉大学国際教育センター
This paper examines a group discussion recorded in a session of the Japanese Culturefrom Intercultural Perspectives course, which was conducted as a bilingual seminar at aJapanese university. We adopted the conversation analysis approach in order to explorethe four participants' use of English and Japanese language. According to our analysis,Japanese students have strong motivation to communicate in English, whereasinternational students used Japanese in most of their turns. Japanese back-channels,repetition of message by code-switching and the knowledge of the other language are allemployed as resources for the co-construction of the discussion. It is necessary to dofurther research to find the factors which influence choice of language andcode-switching, and common norms which may exist in similar situations withparticipants from different backgrounds.

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