Journal Article New paste for severe stomatitis in patients undergoing head-and-neck cancer radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy with oral appliance

Sakuramoto, Ayumi  ,  Hasegawa, Yoko  ,  Sugahara, Kazuma  ,  Komoda, Yoshiyuki  ,  Hasegawa, Kana  ,  Hikasa, Shinichi  ,  Kurashita, Mai  ,  Sakai, Junya  ,  Arita, Masahiro  ,  Yasukawa, Kazuhiro  ,  Kishimoto, Hiromitsu

18p.245 , 2018-03-02 , BioMed Central
Background: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the physical properties of admixture paste”,which is a commercially available gel containing hinokitiol for use against severe stomatitis, and its characteristics as a moisturizing gel and denture adhesive. Methods: The admixture paste, which contained dexamethasone (Dexaltin (R)), gel for oral care (Refrecare H (R)) and petrolatum, and its 3 components, either alone or in different combinations, were subjected to viscosity, adhesiveness and elution testing to compare their physical properties. Viscosity was measured with a stress-controlled rheometer. Adhesive force was measured by tension test. Elution under a simulated oral environment was evaluated by monitoring with a fixed-point camera and absorbance. Both adhesiveness and elution were evaluated every hour for 6 h. A linear mixed-effects model was used to assess differences in the time course of elution between samples. In 3 og-rank test was used to compare time to elution into saliva among samples. Results: The results of viscosity testing demonstrated that the admixture paste had similar viscosity to cream-type denture adhesives and this was temperature independent. In the adhesiveness tests, the admixture paste showed stronger adhesiveness than that of cream-type denture adhesives. In the elution test, the admixture paste demonstrated gradual dissolution and apparent temporal changes for 6 h in a simulated oral environment. Conclusions: The results of the present study demonstrated that the admixture paste has adhesive force similar to those of denture adhesives and good local retention in saliva, and that it might be suitable for therapeutic use in patients with severe stomatitis derived from radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy for cancer.

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