Journal Article Numerical Investigation of the Flow Past a Rotating Golf Ball and Its Comparison with a Rotating Smooth Sphere

Li, Jing  ,  Tsubokura, Makoto  ,  Tsunoda, Masaya

99 ( 3-4 )  , pp.837 - 864 , 2017-12 , Springer
Large-eddy simulations are conducted for a rotating golf ball and a rotating smooth sphere at a constant rotational speed at the subcritical, critical and supercritical Reynolds numbers. A negative lift force is generated in the critical regime for both models, whereas positive lift forces are generated in the subcritical and supercritical regimes. Detailed analysis on the flow separations on different sides of the models reveals the mechanism of the negative Magnus effect. Further investigation of the unsteady aerodynamics reveals the effect of rotating motion on the development of lateral forces and wake flow structures. It is found that the rotating motion helps to stabilize the resultant lateral forces for both models especially in the supercritical regime.

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