Journal Article Contributions of changes in climatology and perturbation and the resulting nonlinearity to regional climate change

Adachi, Sachiho A.  ,  Nishizawa, Seiya  ,  Yoshida, Ryuji  ,  Yamaura, Tsuyoshi  ,  Ando, Kazuto  ,  Yashiro, Hisashi  ,  Kajikawa, Yoshiyuki  ,  Tomita, Hirofumi

8p.2224 , 2017-12-20 , Nature Publishing Group
Future changes in large-scale climatology and perturbation may have different impacts on regional climate change. It is important to understand the impacts of climatology and perturbation in terms of both thermodynamic and dynamic changes. Although many studies have investigated the influence of climatology changes on regional climate, the significance of perturbation changes is still debated. The nonlinear effect of these two changes is also unknown. We propose a systematic procedure that extracts the influences of three factors: changes in climatology, changes in perturbation and the resulting nonlinear effect. We then demonstrate the usefulness of the procedure, applying it to future changes in precipitation. All three factors have the same degree of influence, especially for extreme rainfall events. Thus, regional climate assessments should consider not only the climatology change but also the perturbation change and their nonlinearity. This procedure can advance interpretations of future regional climates.

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