Journal Article CONeP: A cost-effective online nesting procedure for regional atmospheric models

Yoshida, Ryuji  ,  Nishizawa, Seiya  ,  Yashiro, Hisashi  ,  Adachi, Sachiho A.  ,  Sato, Yousuke  ,  Tomita, Hirofumi

65pp.21 - 31 , 2017-07 , Elsevier B.V.
We propose a cost-effective online nesting procedure (CONeP) for regional atmospheric models to improve computational efficiency. The conventional procedure of online nesting is ineffective because computations are executed sequentially for each domain, and it does not enable users freely to determine the number of computational nodes. However, CONeP can completely avoid this limitation through three actions: 1) splitting the processes into multiple subgroups; 2) making each subgroup manage just one domain; and 3) executing the computations for each domain simultaneously. Since users can assign an optimal number of nodes to each domain, the model with CONeP is computationally efficient. We demonstrate the computational advantage of CONeP over the conventional procedure, comparing the elapsed times with both procedures on a supercomputer. The elapsed time with CONeP is markedly shorter than that observed with the conventional procedure using the same number of computational nodes. This advantage becomes more significant as the number of nesting domains increases.

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