Journal Article Direct Detection of Aqueous CO2 by Infrared Waveguide Spectroscopy with an Amorphous Fluoropolymer Coating Rod

Hotta, Hiroki  ,  Miki, Yuko  ,  Kawaguchi, Yukiko  ,  Tsunoda, Kin-ichi  ,  Nakaoka, Atsuko  ,  Ko, Sho  ,  Kimoto, Takashi

33 ( 4 )  , pp.477 - 479 , 2017-04 , The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
Infrared waveguide spectroscopy using a sapphire rod coated with an amorphous fluoropolymer (Cytop, Asahi Glass Co., ltd, Japan) has been developed in order to directly observe CO2 in aqueous solutions. Since the amorphous fluoropolymer has a relatively high gas-permeability and hydrophobic feature, the aqueous CO2 transmits into the amorphous fluoropolymer coating film, but water cannot penetrate into the film. Good linearity of calibration curves for CO2 in the gas and the aqueous solution were obtained.

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