Journal Article Electromagnetic memory effect induced by axion dark matter

Yoshida, Daiske  ,  Soda, Jiro

96 ( 6 )  , p.064005 , 2017-09-05 , American Physical Society (APS)
Memory effects of gravitational waves from astronomical events or a primordial universe might have the information of new physics. It is intriguing to observe that the memory effect exists in electrodynamics as a net momentum kick, while the memory effect in gravity appears as a net relative displacement. In particular, Winicour has shown that the B-mode memory, which characterizes parity-odd global distribution of memory, does not exist. We study the memory effect in axion electrodynamics and find that the B-mode memory effect can exist, provided the existence of coherently oscillating axion background field. Moreover, we examine the detectability of the axion dark matter using this effect.

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