Journal Article Emotional voice conversion using neural networks with arbitrary scales F0 based on wavelet transform

Luo, Zhaojie  ,  Chen, Jinhui  ,  Takiguchi, Tetsuya  ,  Ariki, Yasuo

An artificial neural network is an important model for training features of voice conversion (VC) tasks. Typically, neural networks (NNs) are very effective in processing nonlinear features, such as Mel Cepstral Coefficients (MCC), which represent the spectrum features. However, a simple representation of fundamental frequency (F0) is not enough for NNs to deal with emotional voice VC. This is because the time sequence of F0 for an emotional voice changes drastically. Therefore, in our previous method, we used the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) to decompose F0 into 30 discrete scales, each separated by one third of an octave, which can be trained by NNs for prosody modeling in emotional VC. In this study, we propose the arbitrary scales CWT (AS-CWT) method to systematically capture F0 features of different temporal scales, which can represent different prosodic levels ranging from micro-prosody to sentence levels. Meanwhile, the proposed method uses deep belief networks (DBNs) to pre-train the NNs that then convert spectral features. By utilizing these approaches, the proposed method can change the spectrum and the F0 for an emotional voice simultaneously as well as outperform other state-of-the-art methods in terms of emotional VC.

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