Journal Article Development of a Basic Rate of Household Energy Consumption Considering Usage Time and Quantity of Consumer Durables

Inaba, Takuto  ,  Tabata, Tomohiro  ,  Peii, Tsai

This study is a survey conducted in questionnaire format on the usage time and the quantity of consumer durables that consume energy, relevant to households in Kobe, Japan. Based on the data containing quantity and daily usage days of consumer durables obtained from the questionnaire survey, the rate of energy consumption for each household type was calculated. By using results, energy consumption of household sector in Kobe in 2010 was estimated at approximately 25,559 TJ. Taking future changes in the number of households in Kobe into consideration, the future energy consumption in 2035 would decline by approximately 6.0% from 2010. We also revealed that full electrification of residential houses would change energy consumption structures rather than overall the energy consumption.

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