Journal Article Non-renormalization theorem in a lattice supersymmetric theory and the cyclic Leibniz rule

Kato, Mitsuhiro  ,  Sakamoto, Makoto  ,  So, Hiroto

4p.043B09 , 2017-04 , Oxford University Press (OUP)
The N = 4 supersymmetric quantum mechanical model is formulated on the lattice. Two supercharges, among four, are exactly conserved with the help of the cyclic Leibniz rule without spoiling the locality. In using the cohomological argument, any possible local terms of the effective action are classified into two categories that we call type-I and type-II, analogous to the D- and F-terms in the supersymmetric field theories. We prove a non-renormalization theorem on the type-II terms, which include mass and interaction terms keeping a lattice constant finite, while type-I terms such as the kinetic terms have non-trivial quantum corrections.

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