Journal Article Conformal invariance for Wilson actions

Sonoda, H.

8p.083B05 , 2017-08 , Oxford University Press
We discuss the realization of conformal invariance for Wilson actions using the formalism of the exact renormalization group. This subject has been studied extensively in the recent works of O.J. Rosten. The main purpose of this paper is to reformulate Rosten's formulas for conformal transformations using a method developed earlier for the realization of any continuous symmetry in the exact renormalization group formalism. The merit of the reformulation is simplicity and transparency via the consistent use of equation-of-motion operators. We derive equations that imply the invariance of the Wilson action under infinitesimal conformal transformations which are non-linearly realized but form a closed conformal algebra. The best effort has been made to make the paper self-contained; ample background on the formalism is provided.

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