Journal Article Spectral intertwining relations in exactly solvable quantum-mechanical systems

Houri, Tsuyoshi  ,  Sakamoto, Makoto  ,  Tatsumi, Kentaro

6p.063A01 , 2017-06 , Oxford University Press
In exactly solvable quantum-mechanical systems, ladder and intertwining operators play a central role because, if they are found, the energy spectra can be obtained algebraically. In this paper, we propose the spectral intertwining relation as a unified relation of ladder and intertwining operators in a way that can depend on the energy eigenvalues. It is shown that the spectral intertwining relations can connect eigenfunctions of different energy eigenvalues belonging to two different Hamiltonians, which cannot be obtained by previously known structures such as shape invariance. As an application, we find new spectral intertwining operators for the Hamiltonians of the hydrogen atom and the Rosen-Morse potential.

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