Journal Article Bacillus subtilis IolQ (DegA) is a transcriptional repressor of iolX encoding NAD(+)-dependent scyllo-inositol dehydrogenase

Kang, Dong-Min  ,  Michon, Christophe  ,  Morinaga, Tetsuro  ,  Tanaka, Kosei  ,  Takenaka, Shinji  ,  Ishikawa, Shu  ,  Yoshida, Ken-ichi

17p.154 , 2017-07-11 , BioMed Central
Background: Bacillus subtilis is able to utilize at least three inositol stereoisomers as carbon sources, myo-, scyllo-, and D-chiro-inositol (MI, SI, and DCI, respectively). NAD(+)-dependent SI dehydrogenase responsible for SI catabolism is encoded by iolX. Even in the absence of functional iolX, the presence of SI or MI in the growth medium was found to induce the transcription of iolX through an unknown mechanism. Results: Immediately upstream of iolX, there is an operon that encodes two genes, yisR and iolQ (formerly known as degA), each of which could encode a transcriptional regulator. Here we performed an inactivation analysis of yisR and iolQ and found that iolQ encodes a repressor of the iolX transcription. The coding sequence of iolQ was expressed in Escherichia coli and the gene product was purified as a His-tagged fusion protein, which bound to two sites within the iolX promoter region in vitro. Conclusions: IolQ is a transcriptional repressor of iolX. Genetic evidences allowed us to speculate that SI and MI might possibly be the intracellular inducers, however they failed to antagonize DNA binding of IolQ in in vitro experiments.

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