Journal Article Accuracy improvement in dissipated energy measurement by using phase information

Shiozawa, D.  ,  Inagawa, T.  ,  Washio, T.  ,  Sakagami, T.

28 ( 4 )  , p.044004 , 2017-04 , IOP Publishing
In this paper, a technique for improving the accuracy of a dissipated energy measurement based on the phase information—called the phase 2f lock-in infrared method—is proposed. In the conventional 2f lock-in infrared method, the dissipated energy is obtained as the double frequency component of the measured temperature change. In this work, a phase analysis of the double frequency component has been conducted. It is found that the double frequency component includes the influence of the energy dissipation and harmonic vibration of the fatigue testing machine, and the phase difference between the thermoelastic temperature change and the double frequency component is a specific value. The phase 2f lock-in method utilizes a specific phase of the dissipated energy and is effective for removing the noise component such as the thermoelastic temperature change due to the harmonic vibration of fatigue testing machine. This method provides an improvement in the accuracy of the fatigue-limit estimate and the detection of future crack initiation points based on the dissipated energy.

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