Journal Article Integration of colloidal silicon nanocrystals on metal electrodes in single-electron transistor

Higashikawa, Yasuhiro  ,  Azuma, Yasuo  ,  Majima, Yutaka  ,  Kano, Shinya  ,  Fujii, Minoru

109 ( 21 )  , p.213104 , 2016-11-21 , AIP Publishing
We develop a facile process to integrate colloidal silicon nanocrystals (Si NCs) with metal electrodes in a single-electron transistor by self-assembly. Gold (Au) surface is modified by an amine-terminated self-assembled monolayer to have a positive potential. All-inorganic boron (B) and phosphorus (P) codoped Si NCs, with a negative surface potential and size-controllability, are selectively adsorbed on an amine-terminated Au surface by electrostatic attraction. We demonstrate the fabrication of SETs consisting of electroless-plated Au nanogap electrodes and codoped Si NCs using this process and observation of clear Coulomb diamonds at 9 K.

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