Departmental Bulletin Paper Recurrence of Enchondroma in a Middle Finger after Curettage and Back-filling with Calcium Phosphate Bone Cement: a Case Report

Nagura, Issei  ,  Kanatani, Takako  ,  Sumi, Masatoshi  ,  Kokubu, Takeshi  ,  Kurosaka, Masahiro

62 ( 1 )  , pp.19 - 21 , 2016 , 神戸大学医学部
We report a case of recurrence of enchondroma in a middle finger after curettage and back-filling with calcium phosphate bone cement (CPC). The radiograph showed a lytic lesion around the CPC filling which showed no signs of absorption after 12 years. The tumor was curated easily, however, a steel bar was needed to remove the CPC mass in a carefully manner not to break the cortex. CPC has an advantage of immediate biomechanical stability, on the other hand, a disadvantage of being unabsorbed inside of bone. Although enchondroma has a low recurrence rate after surgery generally, in consideration of recurrence, we recommend the use of absorbable materials when a use of artificial bone substitute to fill the defect is planned.

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