Departmental Bulletin Paper 授業実践力を高める教育実習を基盤とした教職実践演習 - 協働的な学びによる授業の改善と実践を通して -

永田, 成文  ,  NAGATA, Shigefumi

2013年度の社会科教育コース(幼・小)を対象とした教職実践演習では,教育実習で実施した授業を改善し,学生が協力校において授業を実施した.本研究の目的は,授業実践カを高めるという視点から,教育実習を基盤とした教職実践演習の有効性を検証することである.まず, 3年次に社会科教育コースの学生の1人が教育実習で実施した授業を取り上げ,それをもとに9名の受講生は,主な教材や学習過程を変えない範囲で指導案を改善した.次に,改善した指導案を発表し,その内容から4チームをつくり,チームで話し合って一つの指導案にまとめた.さらに,チームごとに模擬授業を行い,よりよい授業となるように学生同士で討論した.協力校において授業を実践後,学生は協力校の教員から授業に対するアドバイスを受けた.アンケートや振り返りシートの結果から,協働的な学びによる授業の改善と実践を通した教育英習を基盤とした教職実践演習は,学生の授業実践力をさらに高めることが明らかになった.
In the “Seminar on educational practice” for social studies(kindergarten and elementary level), in 2013, student teachers improved upon the teaching plan made by practice-teaching and implemented it in a cooperative school. The purpose of this research is to confirm whether the proposed “Seminar on educational practice” based on student teaching does enhance the practical teaching skills of student teachers. The teaching plan for social studies created by one of the student teachers implemented in the third year of university was improved upon by nine student teachers without changing the main teaching materials or the learning processes. Next, each student teacher proposed an improvement to the teaching plan, and based on the content of each of their plans, they were divided into four teams. After mutual discussions within each team, the student teachers created a single plan for each team based on the features of their individual plans. Each team performed simulation teaching after which the nine student teachers debated among themselves to further improve their teaching plans. Finally, after implementing the improved teaching plans in the cooperative school, the students got the classroom teacher's advice on improving their practice. The responses to the questionnaire and worksheet clearly showed that the “Seminar on educational practice” based on student teaching enhanced students' practical skills in teaching, allowed them to cultivate their teaching skills, and promoted flexible approaches toward teaching.

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