Departmental Bulletin Paper ディスカッション授業による大学生と留学生の異文化理解

福岡, 昌子  ,  FUKUOKA, Masako

本稿は,2016・2017年度前期に実施した三重大学教養教育科目『留学生と学ぶ日本』授業の実践報告である.大学生と留学生が日本文化と日本社会について,様々なテーマに基づくディスカッション授業を通して異文化交流を行った.日本人学生と留学生は, 日頃大学生活の中では意見を述べ合う機会も少ないが,本授業を通してそれぞれの視点で日本文化と日本社会について共に考え意見交換ができ,双方の異文化理解にとてもいい機会となった.
This paper is a practical report of Lecture Course in Understanding Japan Liberal Arts and Sciences with the topic Japanese Culture and Society for International and Japanese Students conducted in the Spring Semester of 2016 & 2017. University students and international students cultivated cross-cultural understanding and cultural exchange through discussion classes based on various themes drawn from Japanese culture and Japanese society. Japanese students and international students have few opportunities to express their opinions on a daily basis in college life. Through these classes they had an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions on both Japanese culture and Japanese society, which was very good for building mutual understanding.

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