Departmental Bulletin Paper Practical Application of CLT, TPR and Phonics Theories in Conjunction with Hi, friends! 1 and Hi, friends! 2 English Materials in Elementary School Classrooms
小学校英語教授教材 Hi, friends! 1 と Hi, friends! 2 におけるコミュニケーション教授法、全身反応教授法、フォニックス理論の実践的応用

SCOTT, Kent  ,  HAYASE, Mitsuaki  ,  スコット, ケント  ,  早瀬, 光秋

MEXT 2020 goals for English education indicate a preference for implementing the common and popular pedagogicaltheories of the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Total Physical Response (TPR) and Phonics into elementaryschool English class curriculum. Using “Hi, friends! 1” and “Hi, friends! 2”, which are standard English materials forelementary schools across the country, we will show how these theories can be used in class to maximum benefits toteachers and students.

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